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What to do if your dog’s tutu becomes dirty or wrinkled

Yes, when you strap a tutu to a dog there is the possibility of it getting dirty or wrinkled. Have no fear though, our simple tutu care guide will help keep your pet’s tutu in good shape. Caring for your tutu: To prevent wrinkling, always hang up your tutu when not in use. Spot clean [...]

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Why dog tutus?

Although there are many out there who would never question something like this, i am one of those who does not regularly dress my dog. But after the many requests we got for pet tutus, i started to realize all the reasons I *would* actually dress my dog. 1. Dog shows While my mix-breed shelter [...]

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My Doggy Rocks

The people who brought you My Baby Rocks and Rockstar Tutu are at it again with an exciting new project: My Doggy Rocks. Due to an overwhelming demand for dog sized and themed tutus as well as dog versions of our exceedingly popular designs on our baby and kids clothes, we finally decided to go for it. [...]

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